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11 Easy Personal Finance Tips that can set you apart

We have rounded up eleven personal finance tips that can set you apart and make your life smoother and stress free. Remember that personal finance is a process and therefore requires continuous effort. Now let’s go: 1. Spend less than you earn 2. Build multiple streams of income 3. Pay down the highest interest bearing[...]

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Blake Shelton set to marry Gwen Stefani

Country music super star Blake Shelton has revealed that he plans to lose ten pounds ahead of his marriage to Gwen stefani . Recall that Blake Shelton was crowned people magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2017. The couple have been dating for five years now and still going strong.

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US President-Elect Biden to reverse travel ban on first day in office

President elect Joe Biden has promised to make a couple of important executive orders in his first day in office. Among the promises include: masking mandates, reversal of travel bans on predominantly Muslim countries and rejoining the Paris Accord. Muslim countries include Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and a host of others.  

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