Lawan frustrates moves to force Senate to adjourn sitting

President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan on Wednesday during the plenary session, frustrated moves to push the lawmakers to adjourn sitting.

Soon after the commencement of business of the day, Senator George Sekibo, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Rivers East cited Order 10 of the Senate Standing Rules as amended on the lack of quorum.

Citing Order10(1); (2), Sekibo read that “he Quorum of the Senate shall be one-third of the members of the Senate.

“If, at any time during the daily sessions of the Senate, a question is raised by any Senator as to the presence of a quorum, the presiding officer shall within fifteen minutes forthwith, direct the Clerk to call the roll and announce the result, and these proceedings shall be without debate.”

At this point, the President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan asked the Clerk of the Senate, Ibrahim El- Ladan to check the register, and having checked, it was disclosed that 35 senators signed the register and the President of the Senate ruled Sekibo out of order.