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Sunday Brunch with Jamie Dimon- the CEO of America’s largest bank JP Morgan Chase

Jamie Dimon- The man at the helms of affairs in the world’s 7th biggest bank by asset and within the year by profitability is doesn’t just make news- he is the news. With a Harvard degree and over 15 years spent in JP Morgan Chase, he has built the bank into the world’s most reputable bank.

It is America’s biggest by assets and also its most profitable: in 2019 it broke the world record for bank earnings in a single year. It is the dominant player on Wall Street. J.P. Morgan is the World’s 7th biggest bank.

Taking this into perspective; JP Morgan is the world’s most valuable bank by market capitalization, with total assets worth $2.7trillion.

According to Wikipedia “As of 2019, the asset management arm of the bank has US$2.988 trillion in assets under management, while its investment and corporate bank arm holds US$25.45 trillion in assets under custody.[10] At US$45.0 billion in assets under management, the hedge fund unit of JPMorgan Chase is the third largest hedge fund in the world”

Now $2.7trillion is worth more than:

– the GDP of sub Saharan African countries

-worth more than the ten year budget of Nigeria

– worth more than all bank assets combined in all of sub Saharan Africa

-worth more than all the income of all oil companies inSub Saharan Africa

– so suffice to say that Jamie Dimon is more important than any African President

When he sneezes, the whole world feels the cold.

His 2014 cancer announcement and battle with cancer impacted the NYSE.

Jamie Dimon’s net worth is estimated at $1.5billion. His annual inkmce is estimated at $40m. His fortune is largely from his stake in the bank.