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Ellen Degeneres is being accused of racism, bullying and sexual harassment by staff at her Hollywood Studio

Popular day time show host Ellen Degeneres has been accused by her staff of encouraging racism sexual harassment and bullying.

Ellen Degeneres‘ staffers believe her allegedly power-hungry behavior has finally caught up to her amid claims of a ‘toxic’ culture behind the scenes.

Dozens of staff on The Ellen Degeneres Show have claimed that racism, bullying and sexual harassment was rife at the Hollywood studio.

‘Some staff who spoke to the Sun newspapers UK alleged that “For over a decade Ellen has treated her staff poorly, which is ironic because of her persona when she is on camera.

‘She is literally like two different people. One is awful, power-hungry and constantly yells at everyone for any little that goes wrong with the production of the show.

The former workers said that the show has a high turnover of staff because of the pressure which Degeneres applies but that fear of her ‘power’ had prevented complainants from coming forward earlier.

One of the sources said: ‘She cannot go on living a lie and treating people this way. Her reputation and disgusting behavior has finally caught up with her.’

The show’s parent company WarnerMedia last week launched an investigation after the employees went public with their grievances

Ellen is married to same sex sweetheart Portia de Rossi