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Critical Business Secrets I’ve learnt that can uplift your business and surprisingly set you apart within the shortest time- Bibi Utaan

So I got started on the blog about two years ago. It’s been such an amazing and refreshing experience so far. It has been so exciting starting something from the scratch with no rules. You make your rules and it’s so much fun. Because in business your model could be unique from another person’s, once it’s delivering the desired results.

Also, I’ve learnt a lot, achieved so much and of course I’ve been rewarded within such a short time.

But most importantly, it has given me a sense of fulfillment. Fulfillment in being much more, doing much more and finally starting the journey towards my destination. Yes wanbaba is much more than a blog, but you will see that very soon so don’t drop the line.

Lesson number One: You need to start now.

Just start that idea already. Even if the details are sketchy. Just start and tweak along the way. Don’t wait forever. It may become stale and you may be losing an opportunity of a life time and a reason to be happy, motivated and fulfilled. Also you may be losing out on beneficial friendships. So start now!

Lesson Two: Don’t ignore small businesses

Small businesses in China amount to over 70% of business holdings and contribute about 60% GDP. This means the future belongs to small businesses. Little wonder only the Chinese are found holidaying in exotic locations and in all luxury shops around the world buying up high end luxury items. Because they can afford it. Because they are making so much profit from small businesses.

So stop thinking since you are a graduate, you can’t be doing this, you can’t be doing that. That’s a wrong mentality. It’s easier for many people to buy something from you worth N500 than for people to buy something worth say N20,000 or N50,000. So ooo deeply at small business ventures.

Don’t feel proud. Business doesn’t need to be big to be highly profitable and put food on your table while putting a stop to all the begging and insults that come with begging family and friends.

Look at the agriculture value chain; including hedging, snail farming, car wash, block making, bedsheets making and selling, writing business plans for people, offering home lessons, okrika sale, hair salon, tailoring, home laundry, natural fruit juice, etc.

Lesson Three: Prioritize

From the moment you decide on an idea, you need to start prioritizing. Everything should follow the scale of preference. Know what comes tips on that list and prioritize- time, goals, targets, resources, loved ones, family. You shouldn’t have plenty plan-less days anymore.

Lesson Four: Time Management

Manage your time properly. Time management is self management. Have a mental or formal timetable for activities. Learn to leave a social event because it’s time for something else you planned to achieve for that day. Don’t compromise on time. You will achieve much more in a short time. This is important especially if you are have to work more than one job and your idea is a side thing.

Lesson Five: Hardwork is non negotiable

You have to put in the work. There are no alternatives. Summed up with the saying that there is no elevator to genuine lasting success, you have to take the stairs. If you want to move step by step or take three stairs at a time is totally up to you.

Lesson Six: Don’t give up just yet

At the minimum, keep doing the same thing everyday without fail, without pause, without grumbling. Just keep showing up. Remember that the Holy Book says God will bless the work of your hands so you need to be found in the pace of work or service. Blessing will locate you for favor and uplifting there. Manna isn’t going to fall from the sky again.

Lesson Seven: Dealing with criticism and naysayers

I learnt to deal with criticism and overcome senseless ones. But remember there is sense in every nonsense. I take criticism, I analyze it and I turn it to strength. I also ask friends and family to critic my work every now and then.

The difficult group is the group of the naysayers. Those who just believe you won’t achieve anything. They don’t believe in your business or dream not because the can tell you exactly where you are going wrong but simply because it’s you. A prophet is not recognized in his own home or hometown so don’t blame them.

But how do you deal with this group? Get back at them with success. Show off your success. Make them eat their words. Give them the assignment of encouraging others with your story.

Anytime you are tired. Think of them and get back to work. If you are not excellent in what you are doing at the moment, at least it is teaching you valuable lessons that will help you achieve the next dream or endeavor faster. It could be building your a network of friends you will just need tomorrow.

Lesson Eight: Don’t give your best, give what it takes to win

Life is a battle. Only the brave make it through successful. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Be fierce and bold. Competition, success and winning is a zero sum game. You either win or lose. So do ethically all what you need to succeed. Out in the hours, read, learn, experiment, innovate something new about your business monthly, yearly; whatever works for you. Stop saying things like- I tried my best. But accept your limits.

To be continued……..