Adekunle Gold and Simi celebrate one year Anniversary

The couple are celebrating their one year anniversary after getting married on this day last year and they both took to their Instagram page to shower love on each other.

Simi captioned a picture of both of them with the following words:

“Pretty baby. The very thing that you mean to me,
doubt you’ll ever fully understand. I don’t like to share our best
moments, because they belong to us – so people might never
even know the level of your special. It’s a really high level that is
higher than other levels. No one is more in sync with me than

I love how you’re mindful of me. Nothing’s perfect. Not even with
your Ikotun background – but I love how you deliberately want
to be better. You will see something inside film and ask me at
2am how you can be a better man for me. Lol. So cute a man.

Before we said I do, 95% of the advice I got was “Endure”. I was
stumped cos I’ve never been able to relate. Endure? Forever and
ever? Like till the end of your days? Lol. Quite rubbish. Thank
you for never ever being someone I’ve ever had to endure.

Don’t like it much when people “couple goals” us – cos as far as
I’m concerned, we, i.e me and you are on a personal journey. Our
ups our downs (Olorun o ni je ka rogun down), our growth, our
learning and unlearning, our Love (aww) is our story. Everyone’s
standard should be their best self. Thank you for being someone
that makes me want to be my best self.

Moruf, thank you for Year One. They said it’s normally hard.
Again, I can’t relate because I loved it. I love you. I pray year two
is even better by God’s infinite mercy and grace and love. I thank
God for standing with us and giving us sense. And I thank you
for being a man that makes loving you worth it.

My beautiful dreamboat. My fellow feminist boyfriend. My
husband. Ife mi. Onitemi. The love of my life. I will continue to
eat your work in the eye of carton. to all the forevers we will
spend together.

PS: Year two is one or two sentences. I have what I’m doing

PPS: Everyone, please whatever chance you get today, say a
prayer for us. I love those”

Adekunle Gold also posted this on his Instagram page:

Happy Anniversary to them. Wishing them many more years of bliss and happiness.