“Leverage Technology to Rebrand the Nation’s Economy”- Expert

Experts have stressed the need to leverage on the ongoing digital revelation to aid efforts to rebrand the nation’s economy.

They opined that the adoption of good content, adequate data capturing, connectivity, electronic governance among other things using technology can aid efforts to positively project the nation’s economy.

The experts spoke at the Annual Lecture Series organized by Alliance Law Firm in Lagos.

Speaking on the theme of the lecture, “Leveraging on technology to develop and rebrand Nigeria, Managing Partner Alliance Law Firm, Uche Val Obi, said, “The theme of the lecture is considered topical considering the disruptive and pivotal place of technology in Nigeria’s quest for economic advancement, nation building and positive image profiling.”

Also speaking on the theme: Founder Zinox Technology, said:”Let me tell you where we are rebranding the country. You don’t rebrand a country with population because we are a consuming nation. How do we rebrand the country? You brand a country today with content. If you are a consumer and a producer, you get a half influence because people need you and they need your goods to survive. Like we are buying from China. America is buying from China. So we need a good content.

“Power of the structure is not just technology. The legal system is very weak that today a nonentity could sue me for nothing and hit my website. That case could last the next 20 years. In a technology driven economy, a judge knows he won’t be there tomorrow. Technology in isolation cannot drive an economy.
“Data is the power for planning. If you don’t have data, how can you plan? This is the problem of this country.

“In a nutshell the banking sector will face major disruption because the licensing of mobile money banks is not regulated. If I tell you how much I paid to some tech savy students who graduated four years ago.

A brand new doctor who spent seven years in the university receives N150,000 as salary. A tech boy who left school for three years, receives N750,000 to N1 million and if he is very good, he insist N1.5 million, I must pay him.”

On his part, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Ecobank Nigeria Limited, Patrick Akinwuntan said that leveraging technology for the growth of Nigeria is not only for banks but also for all stakeholders in the country. He said:”The banking industry would do so much in leveraging technology to rebrand Nigeria but for us as a nation it is important that we leverage the opportunity that ICT and technology brings to the table. For example, Lesonia, with 1.3 million people, what they have done in embracing technology and they are considered one of the most advanced technology driven economy globally. . For them to do that, some four principles came out clearly and I think they are models for us as a country. We need to imbibe the right principles for us to avoid the confusion of our size and leverage our size for skill and value.”