Flying Doctors founder gives reasons why Professionals should look to Entrepreneurship

The Founder, Flying Doctors Nigeria, Dr. Ola Brown has urged professionals in various disciplines to imbibe entrepreneurial skills as it is the only way to achieving success in their callings.

Brown who gave this advice at the Lit subnational Tour in Lagos recently, organised by The Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council and the Lagos State government, noted that it was one thing to be professionally sound, but a different ball game to run the business aspects of various disciplines successfully.

She said: “For my personal challenges in my entrepreneurial journey, they actually haven’t been government related. I think the biggest challenges have been ‘me’ related and culturally as well. So, as I was growing up, my parents and I’m sure all of our parents were all used to telling us to study medicine, study engineering, study accounting.

“So, coming home to the Nigerian context and starting a business was actually quite difficult because I didn’t know very much about business. I didn’t know what I needed to do to get a loan from the bank. I thought that medicine and clinical practice prepared me for all the challenges.

“And if you look at it, the first air ambulance service in the world was started by a pastor. Dangote is not a chemical or structural limestone engineer or some kind of scientist that knows about the science of creating cement.

“He’s an entrepreneur and I think that if we can start to adjust that entrepreneurial culture alongside our professional skills, that would make business a lot easier for us.”

Drawing from her personal experience, Brown recalled that she had a most challenging experience at the early stage of her business life when she flew a patient from Nigeria to the UK for medical care.