India changes up Visa Requirements to promote Tourism

The Indian Government has made sweeping changes to its visa requirements in a bid to attract more tourists to the country.

A short-duration e-visa has been introduced, with a one-month validity, at a cost of $25.

The government has also revealed that fees for e-visas would be reduced to 10 between April and June.

And the regular $80 e-visa, which was valid for one year, has been increased to five years with multiple entry.

A statement on the Consulate General of India website said: “All citizens traveling and applying for e-visa to India, may kindly make note of the above changes and benefit from the liberalization scheme of e-visa fees.”

Currently, travellers from over 160 countries can apply for a tourist e-visa, business e-visa or medical e-visa, to visit India.

Travellers who use the e-visa programme can apply, pay a fee and receive their electronic visa online before travelling to India.