Insurance consumers should investigate before taking up a cover, Here’s Why

Ilori gave the charge during a press briefing in Lagos when she disclosed that the NIA is set to carry out enlightenment campaign to let members of the public know their rights and be able to differentiate between fake and genuine insurance.

According to her, the Association has begun plans to clamp down on fake insurance with the re-introduction of the USSD and an enlightenment campaign across the country.

She said: “As long as people can’t differentiate genuine from the fake, people will still buy fake. I believe that when people do personal check on what they are buying, for example, if you meet someone and they say that they are from a particular insurance company like Acen Insurance that died long ago, you should check on NIA website to verify. If Acen is not there, you can sum up the courage to tell them that they have not been uploaded there.

“With the rate of fake insurance, we have seen the need to enlighten people more. We want everybody to know their right because when the fake can’t find anybody patronizing them, automatically the shops will close. As long as people don’t know their rights, the numbers would remain high.

“However, it is not enough to buy something without knowing the right one. When you know that there is a fake and genuine one, you owe yourself to check for the genuine one.” She added.

She noted that NIA will continue to find sustainable means of putting a stop to fake insurance adding, “We have an ongoing campaign, we will look at what next we should do and it is going to be sustained.

“However, we cannot challenge the licensing office on fake insurance. I won’t get to the licensing office without putting things right and begin to challenge what people are doing. I think we need to get there, we will work with law enforcement agencies and the regulators and I believe it will lead to something.”