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Your vision is more important than your circumstances- The wealthiest people always do these 9 things; copy them now!

These 9 things have been found to be a common among all the researches that have gone on in talking to wealthy people and determining what makes them tick.

It’s easy to replicate and it is guaranteed that you will see a significant change in your fortunes. Whatever it is that is your vision.

Here are the 9 keys:

1. Luck isn’t a strategy. Change your mindset.

2. Your vision is more important than your circumstances. Determine your life’s goal and the wealth you need to acquire- this must not be purely monetary.

3. Save first to invest later. Investment only comes from savings. You can’t give what you do not have. Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. The man on top of the mountain didn’t just get there. Every kobo counts!

4. Never buy depreciating assets on credit. NEVER! Houses yes, cars, shoes, dresses No. what are you even thinking?

5. If you want more income you need to become more valuable. Your education is up to you. And it mustn’t be formal. So don’t go round lamenting or feeling entitled because nobody wants to pay for your master degree or PhD. Groundbreaking ideas are coming off YouTube, Quora and social media generally.

6. People want investments that are quick, easy, sure and with 100% return in the shortest time. It’s a recipe for falling prey to yahoo and all the scams unmentionable. It’s a sure way to deplete the little you have saved up and end up in a loss. Wise up!

7. Everyday take one concrete/measurable step towards your goals and vision. You don’t need to exaggerate it or make it too hard. Take baby steps, one step at a time. But don’t remain static. Keep a journal of need be. Document strategy, document successes and of course failures very importantly. Failures will sure come along the way. Keep moving!

8. Realize from get go that more money or wealth doesn’t bring you extra happiness. I mean it! Realize or figure out what does really makes you happy and improve on it daily. Pursue happiness! Enjoy the journey, go it with those you love.

9. Put God first and keep holding on to His promises. Remind Him everyday. One day, very soon, it will be your turn.

There you have it! Enjoy your journey! Enjoy your wealth!