The 12 warning signs of an abusive relationship

An expert has revealed the 12 red flags that could signal you are in an abusive relationship. 

Hannah Bridgwood, a family law expert at law firm Clarke Willmott, in Bristol, who has dealt with hundreds of cases involving abusive relationships, has shed light on what could qualify as coercive and abusive behaviour. 

12 questions that could reveal signs of an abusive relationship

1. Has your partner physically hurt you, your children or a pet?

2. Has your partner threatened to kill you or themselves if you say you want to end the relationship?

3. Has your partner said that if you end relationship you will never see your children?

4. Are you made to do anything of a sexual nature that you do not want to?

5. Are you nervous or scared around your partner?

6. Are you told or made to feel that anything you do is not good enough and you are always wrong?

7. Do you feel that your partner is overly jealous and do they constantly accuse you of being unfaithful?

8. Are you discouraged from seeing family, friends or your GP either by your partner or because you are worried how your partner will react if they find out?

9. Are you embarrassed or humiliated regularly by your partner about your appearance, ideas and views in front of people?

10. Are you in control of your finances?

11. Are you prevented from doing the things you want to because you are worried about your partner’s reaction?

12. Do you feel your situation and your partner’s behaviour towards you is getting worse?