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Over a 150 women register for Federal National Council elections in UAE

The final day for the registration of applications for the Federal National Council (FNC) elections saw 98 applications, taking the total figure up to 555, including 200 from women.

The total number of applications in Abu Dhabi amounted to 155, while Dubai saw 98, and Sharjah 127. Ajman received 32 applications, Umm Al Quwain had 23, Ras Al Khaimah 65, and Fujairah 55, state news agency WAM reported.

On Thursday, the fifth day, Abu Dhabi received 27 applications, Dubai 26, Sharjah 18, and Ajman saw six. No applications were registered in Umm Al Quwain on the fifth day, Ras Al Khaimah recorded 14 applications and Fujairah saw seven.

The number of applications submitted by women on the fifth day amounted to 13 in Abu Dhabi, 12 in Dubai, eight in Sharjah, and one in Ajman. While Umm Al Quwain did not register any applications for women on the fifth day, Ras Al Khaimah recorded four and Fujairah saw two, taking the total number of female applications to 40.

According to the FNC 2019 election schedule, the National Election Committee (NEC) will announce the preliminary list of candidates on August 25, after which it will open the door for filing appeals against candidates from August 26-28, and the commission will respond to appeals on September 1.

The final list of candidates will be announced on September 3 and campaigning will begin on September 8 and continue for 27 days.