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Saudi Arabia about to reduce Female Constricting Laws!

Saudi Arabia is reportedly planning to relax its male guardianship laws to allow women to travel without requiring permission.

The move would end guardianship laws pertaining to travel for men and women over 18 years old, allowing them to leave the country without the consent of a designated male family member, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It was reported that the move could happen as early as this year but there was no immediate comment from the Saudi government.

Male guardianship laws related to women’s right to marry and work would remain, it added.

If introduced, it would be the latest reform aimed at liberalising and opening up the country to the world.

The kingdom announced a decision to allow women to drive after a decades-long ban in late 2017.

Manal al-Sharif, the self-described “accidental activist” who spearheaded the campaign against the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia, at the time set her sights on the next battle – abolishing the system of male guardianship.