Apple launches App store in Arabic!

Apple’s iOS 13 has a number of major updates to some of its key apps with the launch this autumn.

Apple will launch an Arabic version of its app store when the tech giant releases the newest version of its operating system – iOS 13 – in the autumn.

The complete user interface of the app store will be in Arabic, with users able to type from right to left as they search for apps and launch updates.

The new Arabic version of the app store is available to developers today, with the release of a new version of iOS 13 public beta, which is the testing phase for the operating system. The full version will be released to all users in the autumn.

Apple’s iOS 13 has a number of major updates to some of its key apps, with significant tweaks to both the iPad and Watch operating systems, as well as changes to how apps access users’ data.

In the apps, there’s an overhaul to the Reminders, making it easier to create reminders with smart lists – making it quite competitive with existing to-do-list programmes.

Apple will introduce what it calls QuickPath Typing, which allows users to swipe from one letter to the next without lifting your finger to enter a word. It’s a feature that has been available on Apple devices through third-party apps like Swiftkey, the feature will not record any of the data typed.

In a significant change to privacy, ‘Sign-in with Apple’ will allow users to create sign in for apps and control what information is given to the app. The new feature allows users to sign in to apps and websites with the Apple ID, create a unique email address that forwards messages to your real one – thereby keeping your email address private.

The video editing function will get a major overhaul, with photo editing features now available for videos. This includes being able to rotate a video (if you happen to record in portrait orientation lock mode). You can also test various effects in preview mode and stitch together live photos (taken in succession) into one video.


With the iPad OS update (now its own operating system), the homepage has changed to have pinned widgets on one side, with the app icons squeezed in tighter.

The update allows for a swipe from the right to access other apps, as well as having two versions of the same app open – handy for two Microsoft Word apps side by side, for example.

There are new gestures available too for cutting and pasting (like a grab effect), and a three-finger gesture for undo.

The files app has been updated, with better access and management options. In the most significant update, users will have native support for USB sticks – meaning you’ll be able to plug in thumb drives and access the files on the iPad.

In Safari, Apple will roll out an updated version that shows a desktop version of every website on the browser.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is also getting a much-needed overhaul. The biggest change is that apps can now be developed for the Watch only, doing away with the need for developers to create a separate app for the phone, all of which will work with Apple Sign-in. The Watch will also have its own app store.

With a big emphasis on health apps, the device has added a ‘Noise’ app that records one second in every five to see if the ambient noise is too loud. Developed in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, the app sends an alert if the noise has been too much for three minutes or more.

The Activity app – the most popular app on the Watch by far – has a number of new features, including Trends, which gives users the ability to compare the previous 90 days with the year before that.

An old app to make a new appearance on the Watch is Voice Memos – Apple’s voice recorder app – with any recordings or updates saved across all devices.

Another long-standing app to make the transition to the Watch is the Calculator app. While it sounds basic enough, the app comes with a handy feature that allows users to calculate the amount of tip on a bill and divide it up if the bill is to be split among two or more people.

The Siri function gets an additional feature of being able to open webpages on the Watch.