Apple shores up investments into health care by launching and selling a new diabetes product

Some Apple retail locations now sell a glucose monitor that integrates with the iPhone to give people with diabetes a way to track their blood sugar through Apple’s Health app.

One Drop is an aesthetically designed blood glucose monitor with an associated iPhone app that integrates with Apple’s Health app, as well as a separate Apple Watch app. It’s the only diabetes product that Apple is currently selling in its physical stores, although it previously carried One Drop online and carried a Sanofi monitor in 2012.

The introduction of OneDrop is a prime example of how Apple is breaking into the health space by selling consumer-oriented products and integrating the data from them in its Health app, making the iPhone and Apple Watch hubs for people’s personal health.

About the product

One Drop’s blood glucose monitoring kit has two main components. There’s a blood glucose meter for taking readings, and a mobile app for iPhone and Apple Watch that collects that data and integrates it with Apple’s Health app. The company also provides a subscription service for people to receive their testing strips, which are necessary to use the system.

Inside the One Drop app, people with diabetes can buy coaching programs that can help with topics like carbohydrate counting or managing the condition. The One Drop kit sold at Apple stores will cost $69.95 and include a year of free coaching from a certified diabetes educator, Dachis said.