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Lawyer Admonishes Buhari to not Play Politics with Nigerians Security

Speaking at the 13th Annual Business Law Conference of the Section on Business Law, SBL, of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, in Lagos, Moghalu also warned that unless the Federal Government takes urgent steps to check the population explosion in the country, the issue of unemployment will continue to worsen.
Another speaker, a panelist at the event, Andrew Nevin, Chief Economist, PWC, said in view of the theme of the conference, Growth, Investment and Employment: Beyond Rhetorics, Nigeria should know, in definite terms, the number of people in the country, as against the bandying of numbers, which is put at 190 million, 200 million and in some cases, 210 million people.

Moghalu who was also a panelist, said: “The government needs to develop policies that will secure the country. “Buhari should put Nigeria first and not consider his ethnic or religious group, because if his kinsmen begin to do what is not right, he would not be able to do anything about it, if it appears he was not placing the country first. “We need to professionalise our security system and not consider any region. If that becomes the case; if people from that region begin to do what is wrong, the security system will not be able to do anything about it. “We must secure our borders if our government is serious about checking insecurity in the country.

Police need to be massively reformed. Like I said when I was campaigning for the presidential election, we need 1.5 million policemen, as against the 35,000 we have today. “With half of that protecting VIPs by carrying their bags, while about 10,000 may be ghost police, the rest are just trying to cope. “But we need a review of the constitution to achieve that. Like I said, we need to devolve power to the regions, and retain a central force, in the event one of the units tries to fight the centre or tries to break away.”

On population, he said: “We must address the issue of structure. Population is a problem. We are having too many children and we have issue with unemployment. We cannot address the problem of unemployment if we keep having too many children, most of whom we cannot take care of.”