Airbnb launches luxury listings, providing things like Castles and Private Islands

The online property rental broker Airbnb has launched a new site dedicated to high-end listings that includes castles, entire villages, and beachfront villas in the U.S. or Caribbean.

One listing – an entire medieval village in Buonconvento, Italy that can accommodate 44 guests – costs around $23,140 per night while a home in Punta Mita, Mexico, comes with a nightly price tag of $60,410 but only has room for eight people

Homes are also evaluated on their location, surroundings and services that come with them – like the chef, driver and butler services that come with stays in one of the listings in the Caribbean.

The new site also offers luxury city stays, which Airbnb said was a new focus for the company. Urban listings currently include high-end homes in London, LA and Sydney, but Airbnb Luxe will add homes in at least 12 more cities, including Milan, Paris and Austin, by the end of 2019.