Suicide Rise in Nigeria, Why?

THE surge in suicide cases in Nigeria is worrisome. Two specialists in suicide treatment and prevention spoke to Good Health Weekly about the development and what steps Nigeria should take to stem the tide.
Why the upsurge in suicide cases There has been an increase in awareness and increase in reporting but there is an increase in suicide going by the number of cases we have seen in a space of fives. We now see at least one related case of suicide every month. There are several factors. The single largest factor is medical depression and unfortunately, it is often misunderstood and undertreated in this part of the world. When clinical depression is not treated it can progress from mild to moderate and severe depression and then lead to suicide.
Why people are not treating depression One is ignorance, lack of awareness, not knowing where to go and other treatment parts. Before they present in the hospital they would have tried other alternative treatment like churches, mosques and healing centres. They explore other alternative care but by the time they know the case will have been bad. Then the cost of treatment. Unfortunately, mental health is not covered under the National Health Insurance Scheme. So a lot of people have to pay out of pocket and where you cannot treat depression very well you will have increased suicide cases.