Electronic tagging to be used instead of jail time by Abu Dhabi Police

Technology will help reduce overcrowding in Abu Dhabi’s correctional facilities

Some Abu Dhabi inmates are to be fitted with electronically tagging as an alternative to imprisonment, according to a statement by the WAM state news agency.

“Around 133 inmates of the punitive and correctional establishments of the Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, will be electronically tagged, as an alternative to pre-trial detention and imprisonment, with the potential for early release in 2018,” the WAM report said.

Brigadier Ahmed Saif bin Zaitoun Al Muhairi, Director of the Community Security Sector, said the move was part of Abu Dhabi Police’s move to embrace modern technological advances.

Lt. Colonel Saif Al Wahdi, chairman of the Police Follow-Up Department, said that electronic surveillance works in two ways, with the first involving continuous radio transmission while the second involves satellite surveillance.

The electronic bracelet, which is placed on the ankle throughout the period of the sentence transmits electronic signals to the department’s operations centre specifying the location of the convict, and if the device is removed or tampered with, the operations centre is automatically notified, he added.

Al Wahdi noted that electronic monitoring will help integrate convicts into the community, discourage them from returning to a life of crime, reduce overcrowding in correctional institutions, lower related costs, and maintain family cohesion.

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