Are you sad in your marriage right now or has your marriage gone cold? Do these 12 Things to Make Your Marriage Happier

  1. Do something you and your partner did when you were newly married
  2. Reintroduce meaningful conversation into your relationship
  3. Treat your spouse with respect and admiration in public- a little PDA will do the magic
  4. Walk out disagreements- get over disagreements without reminding each partner all the time about the last mistake they did
  5. Overlook small annoyances and mistakes
  6. Learn how to ask nicely
  7. Try to share a cuddle or snuggle in the mornings
  8. Take time out of daily routines for yourselves- movie date, eat out, weekend getaway or wild night
  9. Be sincere about your love and how you feel- express yourself without shame or pride
  10. Always put your marriage first- prioritize your partner
  11. Keep your word- learn not to promise and fail, and please, please be dependable
  12. Surprise each other- small gestures, thoughtful gifts, recall and share a great memory, share at least a hobby and accommodate each others passion;work, business, hobbies, ideals, etc.

Do these 12 things in your marriage and you will be happier and your marriage will remain a happy one.