Trump walks Out on US-North Korea Talks says NKorea demanded too much during talks

President Trump walked Out on US-North Korea Talks saying NKorea demanded too much during talks. Also, as at reporting time, Trump has said he doesn’t intend to hold another summit with North Korea.

President Donald Trump says his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fell through after the North demanded a full removal of U.S.-led international sanctions in exchange for the shuttering of the North’s Yongbyon nuclear facility.


Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters in Vietnam on Thursday that the United States wasn’t willing to make a deal without the North committing to giving up its secretive nuclear facilities outside Yongbyon as well as its missile and warheads program.

Trump told reporters the final snag that caused the sudden breakdown was over sanctions – and Kim’s push to have all of them lifted in exchange for a concession Trump and his secretary of state could not live with.

‘Sometimes you have to walk away,’ Trump told reporters, explaining his decision.

Experts have said Washington shouldn’t give up too much for a Yongbyon-only deal as the North is believed to be secretly operating other uranium enrichment sites hidden around the country.

Trump says that the summit ended on a good note but that there are no current plans for a third summit.