Trump and Kim Jong UN shake hands and share a laugh as the kick start their second nuclear summit in Vietnam

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un shook hands and exchanged smiles as they joined for a dinner meeting at a historic Hanoi hotel – and Trump proclaimed their relationship a ‘good one.’

‘Our relationship is a very special relationship,’ Trump said, in one of several comments proclaiming a personal bond.

The two men met in the Vietnamese capital in front of a bank of six flags from each nation, for the first meeting for the pair since their historic summit in Singapore in June.

‘It’s an honor to be with Chairman Kim. It’s an honor to be together,’ said Trump, who repeatedly praised his counterpart.

The admiration may be mutual. In one remark, Kim praised Trump’s ‘courageous decision’ to open dialogue, according to how his translator recounted it.


In introductory remarks, Trump said: ‘It’s great to be with you. We had a very successful first summit,’ Trump said. ‘I felt it was very successful. Some people would like to see it go quicker. I’m satisfied, you’re satisfied. We want to be happy with what we’re doing.’

‘I thought the first summit was a great success, I think this one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first,’ the president added.