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New Zealand welcomes 2019! With Fireworks and fan fair- photos

New Zealand has celebrated the New Year with thousands watching a spectacular firework display in Auckland. 

The sky was lit up with colour as the clock struck midnight. The party atmosphere is now set to sweep across major cities in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. 

In Australia, Sydney is preparing to put on its biggest-ever fireworks display to welcome the New Year and kick off a wave of celebrations for billions around the world.

In Britain, London will usher in the New Year by celebrating its relationship with Europe amid turmoil over Brexit, with the fireworks display at the London Eye to feature music from the continent’s artists.

A strong police presence has become a key element of the festivities, to protect crowds that could be targeted in terror and vehicle attacks.

Here are some of the plans for city’s around the world:

Hong Kong: Glittering fireworks will be sent skyward from five barges floating in Victoria Harbour in a 10-minute display watched by 300,000 people on the shore.

Jakarta: Hundreds of couples will tie the knot in a free mass wedding, as those in the tsunami-hit Banten province, where affected towns were popular holiday destinations, have been told to cancel party plans to show respect for the victims.