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Masterclass Series: wanbabablog interviews Renowned TV Host, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Publisher Love Idoko- shares Secrets of Success

Love Idoko is the host of  “Activating Success”: a TV show which airs on AIT, she is a writer, publisher, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist and a mentor to many. She teaches and inspires startups through her work and generosity. She is also one of the most influential 40 Under 40 Nigerians and is a  mentor to many.

Her wealth of experience, enviable achievements, interactive network and exposure has distinguished her among her peers. She can only be described as being ahead of her time. She is living a fulfilled life continuously impacting her generation.

She hails from Kogi State.

She graciously accepted to share her secrets of success, her life story and pillars of entrepreneurship with wanbabablog. I am excited to share her words on marble with you. Happy reading!!!

Interviewer: Could you kindly speak on your career trajectory: who are you? What do you do? What motivated you to start? How did you start? What were the first steps you took? How long have you been doing this?

Love Idoko: My name is love Idoko, I’m a TV host, a publisher, an events planner and the founder of activate success international foundation. I believe in inspiring people to maximize their potentials. I believe that everybody is talented, we all have talents but what matters is what we do with our talents.
So, from a very young age, I started out by inspiring a lot of people to maximize their potentials and to do something positive with their lives because we all need inspiration we all need to be inspired. My mentor Dr. Mike Mudock said without inspiration you have no value so we all need to be inspired to maximize our potentials and that’s why I love to inspire people.
I wrote my first book at the age of 17, and it wasn’t easy, that’s the truth but I was determined, I was focused, I was committed and I was consistent with the things that I believed in and I believe that is a focal part of our success story today. And I have been doing this for over ten years.

Interviewer: How did you start ?

Love Idoko: Well at a very young age I started reading alot of books from my parent’s library. My Dad and my Mum had so many books from Dr. Mike Murdock , John Maxwell, zig ziglar a whole lot of people and those helped form a basic foundation and my parents too helped me lay the right foundation to be able to fulfill my dreams.

Interviewer: what values or qualities have you built your business on?

Love Idoko: Basically, the values that I have built my business on is integrity and excellence . I believe that you should do what you said you would do,I believe you should be reliable; people should be able to rely on you. Nobody is going to follow you if you are not credible. If you’re credible people would always want to follow you and believe in what you’re doing. So, basically I always want to keep my words, be reliable and most importantly, do everything excellently. People would always value you, recognize you, reward you for doing something excellent. This is why whatever I do, I do it in such a way that where ever it is found, anywhere in the world, it stands out. So I believe in excellence; excellence is a strong virtue.

Interviewer: what challenges have you encountered?

Love Idoko: well, there a lots of challenges. Whenever you want to do something, you are bound to experience challenges. It’s difficult to get funds, it’s difficult to get people to believe in you when you have a dream. Initially people do not believe in you or your dream. People tend to support you only when you’re succeeding. So from the beginning, I have had challenges getting funds for my projects because it’s difficult to get people to believe in your dream at an early stage, people only want to identify with success but by the grace of God we have been able to push through by refusing to give up.

Interviewer: how have you tackled or worked with these challenges, regardless?

Love Idoko: well, I believe that whatever you have to do in life, as long as it’s your dream, you have to be passionate about it and do not give up. I am that kind of person who never gives up. So even if someone says sorry we can’t support you, It doesn’t deter me. I still push because I believe with dedication, commitment with persistency, you can succeed.

Interviewer: what advice do you have for start-up or young entrepreneurs?

Love Idoko: As a young entrepreneur, I would encourage young people to do things differently, take life seriously, be focused, be committed, be reliable, be credible; have a plan. Don’t just do everything. Get mentors. It is important to have a mentor. Don’t make the same mistakes that other people have made, don’t learn from your own experience, learn from other people’s experience.

My mentor Dr. Mike Mudock said that mentorship is learning from the pain of another person so, it’s very important to find someone you admire and learn from that person. With all these done, I believe that you’ll get there.