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MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro 2018: Everything Apple just announced

Apple ventured far from its Cupertino home to deliver its annual Mac and iPad news, staging its Tuesday hardware event in Brooklyn, New York. The theme: creativity. The company demonstrated the new faster, more powerful iPad Pro running Adobe Photoshop for iPad and Project Aero, as well as the newly revealed full version of AutoCAD. The company’s new hardware for 2018 previously included the entry-level iPad and a trio of iPhones. And while the new MacBook Air received a creative-friendly Retina display, the Mac Mini got the power boost creative users have been asking for.

There were also the usual odds and ends that emerge just before and during these events. To wit:

iOS 12.1 is available as of today, with over 70 more emoji, Group FaceTime, a fix for the iPhone XS charging bug and improvements to the ugly selfie smoothing that prompted Beautygate.
There are a lot of Macs out there.
60 sessions added to its Today at Apple program.

MacBook Air, Mac Mini

The Air is one of Apple’s most beloved laptops and launched the “must be thin!” trend that carries through until today. The new model gets the Retina display many fans been clamoring for. And there’s been big demand for a new Mac Mini — congratulations to all you demanders. Plus, while our attention was elsewhere Apple stealthily revealed new AMD graphics options for its highest-end MacBook Pro.

The sub-3-pound MacBook Air (2018) with Retina display, Touch ID and other features inherited from modern MacBook Pros. It starts at $1,199 (£1,199, AU$1,849).
The Mac Mini now comes in Space Gray and, more importantly, has new innards. It starts at $799 (£799, AU$1,249).

iPad Pro 2018

While the $330 mainstream iPad launched in March, it’s been over a year since we’ve gotten an update to the higher-end iPad Pro, Apple gave us a few upgrades that were on our wishlist for the refreshed models.

The new iPad Pro costs $799 (£769, AU$1,229) for the 11-inch model and $999 (£969, AU$1,529) for the 12.9-inch display.
The new iPad Pro has thinner bezels, USB-C connections, 264-ppi display and more — it can even charge your iPhone.
A redesigned Apple Pencil with a magnetic connection and automatic pairing.
An updated magnetically attaching Smart Folio keyboard case.
Apple showcased some new apps for the iPad Pro.