Drake Breaks the Beatles’ Record for Most Top 10 Songs in a Year

On Monday, Drake officially broke the record for most the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 songs in a single year, passing the Beatles’ 1964 record in the process. October’s Very Own owned every single week this October, and hit this achievement two days away from his birthday on the 24th. Drake is the king of the pop world, and all before his 32nd year.

His success is impressive, but living through his record-setting year often feels like we’re surviving an endless Aubreygeddon. With every song and video, released in a constant stream, his undeniable voice and practiced headshot-ready smirk hangs over the industry like a phantom. It won’t always be this, but for now it feels like it will last forever.

Drake is so dominant right now that at his current level he only has two competitors: pop music’s past and the record breakers of the future.