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Top 13 Reasons to Start a Business/ Side Hustle In Nigeria

While I was compiling editorial for this week’s blog edition, someone asked me this interesting question. I had taken it for granted because I felt it was common knowledge that starting business was quite important especially for the individual and economy.

Owing your own business is very  important. For me, owing a business is so fulfilling- it takes away avoidable boredom and gossip time. It has made me to stop living with uncertainty and the regrets of what if’s (at least when I’m older, i wouldn’t live with the regrets that i should have done better).

It also gives me a sense of pride in myself. Blogging has boosted my capacity in so many ways and has opened my eyes to other business ideas that I never would have thought about or never would have fully grasped their impact or profitability.

I have gained a lot of respect as well from peers and general public- not necessarily because I am a success yet but the courage to start and keep trying is the most inspiring and gratifying factor here.

For a general perspective though, I have made an ordered list of the possible reasons why you need to start something today. You never know where it would take you. Therefore, highlighted below are some of the reasons to start a business or side hustle in Nigeria.

  1. To get yourself employed
  2. To stop depending on people and being at their mercy
  3. To stop limiting yourself, self-worth, earning capacity and wealth matrix
  4. To experience the satisfaction of being a boss and adding value
  5. To take care of yourself and your family
  6. To provide jobs and take a number of unemployed youths off the street
  7. To reduce the tide of youths migrating from Nigeria to other countries illegally for greener pastures
  8. To earn enough to live your dream life
  9. To contribute to economic growth of your country
  10. To leave a legacy
  11. Experience the flexibility of being your own boss
  12. To shame your enemies and exceed their expectations
  13. To have the option of choosing who to work with