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Just in : Ambode declares Sanwo-Olu unfit, says he was jailed in US For Spending Fake US Dollars In A Night Club,

Governor Akinwumi Ambode has launched an aggressive comeback atackn to forestall his imminent defeat in  the Lagos APC gubernatorial primary election To Sanwo Olu.

Earlier in the day , he had mobilised supporters to stage a protest against the rumoured ‘Tinubu -nominated ‘ candidate, Sanwo Olu.

There were again reports of pressure from the Lagos House of assembly members that Ambode withdraws from the primary election or risk impeachment.

Well, its appears Ambode brushed off those threats and has now doubled down on his attacks on Sanwo olu by declaring Sanwo-Olu is not a fit and proper candidate for the position of Lagos governor, Ambode said.

“He has been arrested for spending fake US dollars in an American night club. He lacks competency and health wise, he has gone through mental rehabilitation.

The governor disclosed that Sanwo-Olu served time in US prisons in connection with a string of counterfeit bill-passing incidents in the country.

At the press conference in Lagos the governor said he is under no illusion about the battle ahead in the APC primary for governor, but said ” We shall overcome.”