Instagram Will Kill Nigeria: 17 Reasons why I say so

  • Harmful effects of Instagram
  • Total population of Instagram users
  • Why Instagram will kill Nigeria
  • Harmful effects of Instagram
  • Effects of Instagram on youth productivity
  • How to avoid social media addiction

With over 1 billion active users in a month in 2018, from a total user base of 800million in September, 2017, the share of Instagram to total social media space is increasing astronomically.

Instagram is basically a mobile social network that allows users to share photos and videos as well as interact with other users.

Instagram generated $5.48 billion in ad revenue making up 28.2 percent of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue (remember Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook).

Instagram has expanded over the years and currently boost of an average of 800 million active users per month. According to Omnicore.com, 32% of all internet users are on Instagram. This statistic clearly shows that its share to total social media exposure is too great to ignore and therefore has a significant impact on user characteristics/behaviour.

According to a survey conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health and published in TimeHealth in 2018, Instagram was found to be the worst social media platform based on negative effects to users when compared to other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. This study used indicators impacted by social media such as: anxiety, depression, loneliness, detrimental effect on sleep, bullying and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

I will go on to outline why Instagram will kill Nigeria. Are you ready to feel guilty? Then let’s begin:

  1. It has ignited the “get rich at all cost syndrome” in the users especially the youths. Everyone now wants to live for the gram if it means borrowing or stealing. So be it.
  2. It is addictive thereby destroying many man hours that could be converted to productive ventures
  3. The Instagram app has been ranked as having the worst effect on young people’s mental health and well being  causing the following health issues:Anxiety and mood swings
  4.  It affects spirituality: gossip, envy, jealousy and ingratitude all emanate from the perceived utopian life that is seen on Instagram,
  5. It has ended many relationships through too much exposure and information sharing and unhealthy benchmarking.
  6. Previous studies have also shown that people who spend more than 2 hours a day on social networking sites are more likely to report psychological distress.
  7. Perfect life challenge: Achieving the perfect life has inspired the rise in plastic surgeries and unhealthy weight management habits just to look perfect. Has anyone also wondered the rise in drug trafficking and social crimes?? All for the gram.
  8. Quest for popularity: The quest for popularity usually makes young people do morally inappropriate things just to impress and get huge followings. This usually results in the feeling of emptiness and discontent.
  9. Massive decline of the value system: It is gradually destroying the rich African culture of conservatism and selflessness . Also, it has exposed the youths to too much and unnecessary western culture which is eroding the value system in Nigeria. Value system could be blamed for rising lack of dignity of work, faulty educational pursuits, loss of ambition and rising unproductivity. With this narrative, Instagram will definitely kill Nigeria.
  10. Decline in reading culture and loss of focus: Another  negative effect of Instagram is the impact it has on reading culture, youth career focus and goals. Many youths no longer have creative life ambitions neither are they focused on life goals. their goals these days is to go on a holiday and posts photos or model any personal undertaking to achieve social media credibility.
  11. Decline in savings culture among the youths hence decline in capital accumulation
  12. Harmful self-assessments
  13. Encourages cyber stalking and bullying
  14. Enhancing Poverty: elaborate pre wedding photo shoots, expensive dresses and events are done just for Instagram. Recall that before the advent of Instagram, people spent a lot less on weddings and social events. Events were more personal in nature and cost effective. If this trend isn’t checked, Instagram will kill Nigeria
  15. Instagram rewards those who court and garner attention. These attention seekers therefore compete among themselves “by any means possible” for supremacy, placements and adverts. This “by any means possible” creed in itself is the foundation of many prevalent evolving and increasing social vices and moral decadence which ultimately harms the psyche and balance of the individual thereby self-destructing overtime.
  16. Encouraging/impacting inflationary trends: Instagram has brought about inflation fueled by price wars on business pages and superiority fights in various industries. For instance most designers now charge higher prices once they debut on Instagram so as to show they belong to a particular class which often times do not reflect their skill level.
  17. Instagram has negatively affected physical interpersonal relationships. most people no longer take the time to physically check on people to know how they are doing and what they are going through. We find out that friends in the same town may only keep up through pictures and quick exchanges on the gram. This has had implications on loneliness, depression and suicide rates in Nigeria.

Don’t get me wrong Instagram has produced millionaires and success stories but the consumption rates and negative impact far outweighs the positives. We should not forget also that most business models on Instagram are originally unsustainable.

People who spend excessive amount of time on social media often tend towards isolation and depression. Depressed people either make purchases or indulge in harmful habits to make them feel better.

One may not directly blame Instagram since no business model is built on moral code, it is rather instructive that regulations should be put in place to streamline usage or the app could be modified to integrate and emphasize more value adding schemes and resources.


These words are cast in gold and they are sound words of wisdom

  • It is mostly not genuine reality. Instagram is make believe, don’t trust all you see. Don’t let it weigh you down.
  • Some of the people who post exotic photos at exotic locations are actually on business trips, don’t get fooled, chase the vision not the illusion
  • Expect less and you will never be disappointed. Sadness is often caused when reality is less than expectations, find reasons to be thankful for the blessings you have.
  • Always be there for a productive profitable reason. Drive a vision around it or measure your usage of it
  • You path in life is quite different from another person’s path. As there as so many ways to kill a chicken so are there breakthrough timetables. Breakthrough no matter how late could be worth the wait. If you doubt me ask, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, or Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, Davido and Dibanj, AY and Okey Bakassi.
  • Well, I hope you remember to live each day as a walk towards the future that you desire and,




  • Measure daily social media usage time
  • Think of ways to use it to achieve productivity or further general good.
  • Remove social media from at least one of your gadgets: you could use it either only at home or in the office (that is besides news apps).
  • Encourage your kids to spend physical time with their friends playing outside (this excludes cartoon viewing: a topic for another day). Let your kids play with the neighbors children. This will help them to grow up needing and valuing physical connection. This will ultimately affect how your child will relate with you when he grows up with all the gadgets at his disposal. Don’t let your kids grow up to ignore you in your old age.

  • Have a curfew time for daily social media usage. You could set a time of say 10pm daily??? to get off all social media.
  • Don’t showcase everything you do on social media. Don’t live on it.
  • Be prayerful and consciously make an effort to act your age so as to set an example for the younger generation.
  • Get entrepreneurial and,



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