Exclusive: Abuja Luxury Event Planner- Hafsat Ibrahim Bunu Marries Her Heartthrob Abdulkadir Kuru in a Lavish Fairytale Wedding

Abuja luxury event planner Hafsat Ibrahim Bunu popularly called Hafsie today married her long time heartthrob Abdulkadir Kuru in an intimate fairy tale ceremony.

The couple met 3 years ago and it was love at first sight. Hafsie, the brain behind Kaim Ventures an upscale Abuja Event Planning Company is a very industrious, kind and affectionate person while the handsome Abdulkadir’s, humility and dedication could rival any dictionary example of these words.  U 


Adbulkadir, an engineer, and Hafsie a chemical engineer, both enjoy the rare advantage of being friends and they are also  driven in their individual careers and hence complement each other.

The bride and groom hail from Borno State which explains the show of culture at its best.

While wishes the couple God’s abundant blessings, fruitfulness and peace, we continue to pray for their families and friends who left every other thing and came from all walks of life to make their wedding a beautiful success.

Happy married life to Mr. & Mrs. Abdulkadir Kuru!!!

Watch this lady do her thing

see bride on ‘fire fire’



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  1. This is so beautiful

    Beautiful guests….cann’t imagine how I missed this….lol

    Wishing the couple so much more than they can imagine thumbs up guys

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