17 Signs That Your Boyfriend/Spouse Has a Complex

• Causes of inferiority complex
• Signs and traits of a person with complex

Yes, those boyfriends/husbands abound that overtime suck the life out of you. They may not necessarily be evil but just coming from a troubled or deprived childhood therefore are not always comfortable with your personal achievements or healthy and free lifestyle.

Causes of inferiority complex

Inferiority complex could emanate from childhood or adulthood traumas. They include: constant comparisms among children or their friends by parents (parents need to stop this already), kids growing up without love or attention from parents, physical inadequacies such as height, complexion and beauty, negative depressive remarks while growing up, educational and professional setbacks. Complex could also actually come from pride.
However, some boyfriends or husbands are just outright sadist. They can’t stand to see another person too happy. I’m dropping these 17 signs so you can finally get to understand your problem and develop a manual to cope with it. But remember: never ever settle. You owe yourself happiness. Secondly, remember that several studies have linked prolonged stretches of unhappiness to cancer cell development, no need to over emphasize depression and its consequences. Oh no, I can’t deal. Let’s begin…….

1. Constantly put you down or tell others of your weaknesses behind your back or even in front of you

2. Never appreciate anything good you do or wear but are quick to point out your failings.

3. Never recognize your success or accomplishments. Always attribute your success to luck

4. Possessive behaviours in boyfriends are signs of a boyfriend with a complex. No, ladies, this one isn’t love at all. Don’t fool yourself. Because possessive tendencies breeds abuse; physically or emotionally. This type of boyfriend believes in his heart that he isn’t good enough, he is afraid of rejection so he tries his best to emphasize ownership and security for all around you to see.

5. A person who constantly befriends people below his cadre or social level usually has a complex. This is because he feels secure in this group of people that cannot threaten him academically, financially or with any achievements. He finds himself as a leader in this group. Such a spouse tends to constantly limit himself and ignores every opportunity for personal ambition. This becomes unhealthy for a woman in such a relationship who wants to get to the top because he views you as too ambitious. If not checked, it could limit your growth.

6. A guy who decides that you are his competition. This is one of the most dangerous form of complex because he constantly secretly tries to sabotage you or limit your shine. I know African homes call this ego. But the root of most egos is inferiority complex. Let’s get this straight.
7. Condescending people are surely insecure. They like to feel and show they are superior to you especially if deep within them, they know you are better off. They also never ask for your help, so you won’t feel special.

8. Guys who are very sensitive to criticism usually have a complex. They act either shy or infuriated. Such a person usually cannot express his feelings in words.

9. Guys who don’t take competition very well most likely have a complex too. They don’t take kindly to you winning a bet, a game or guessing a situation right. Sometimes they even portray a too serious business like attitude to avoid “unnecessary play” with you. They must find a way to blame someone or something else for their woes. They must!!!

10. Brag a lot. This is very true. You don’t even have to watch closely for this one.

11. People who go out of their way, I repeat out of their way to buy expensive things for you, your friends, family and every person around you to see are insecure. This could be a way of trying to gain acceptance.

12. This type of boyfriend usually wants to take the place of God in your life. They require absolute worship. Ok ooo. My lord, Wehdone sir!!!

13. Someone who tries to make you feel insecure is insecure. Baby, that’s negative energy. I can’t deal

14. Boyfriends/Spouses that don’t like the job you do because you earn a decent salary sure have a complex. Such would want you to resign and take care of the home even when they don’t earn enough to take care of all the demands of the family.

15. People always showcasing everything about themselves to your friends, family or social media have a top spot on this list
16. Guys who think your associating with their friends, being free with them or contributing to a conversation in their presence is wrong most surely have a complex
17. Guys who won’t let you finish your statements or listen to logical arguments are insecure and have a complex

So there you have it, we don’t necessarily need to find all these features in one place to reach a verdict, but a combination of at least 7 of these character traits can do the “magic”,lol.