How to Lose 6kg in One Week Guaranteed………Tried and Tested

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Girls get in here. I usually no longer open pages that talk about crash ways of losing weight because I have tried and most of them have failed. Some just leave you feeling miserable along the way and most often times the weight totally comes back immediately you take a break. Not this one.

So my friends and I were tired of trying and failing at trending diets and all the other household diets. Not because they don’t work but they didn’t keep the weight away and some meal plans are just difficult to gather and of course we cheated our way through. lol.

However this diet runs just for a week (7 days) and you can keep the pounds off by doing one week on two or three weeks off. That’s a relief ehh. I knowwww. I am excited about this diet because for the ladies imagine you have an event for weekend and your dress is so clingy that you don’t feel comfortable or most times you just have to sit straight without turning around too much for fear of zipper embarrassment. Anyone relate??? Lol.

I hereby introduce the GM diet

It is basically a one week detox and low carb diet. I lost 6kg in one week, my friends lost 4 to 5 kg depending on body types. I assure you it’s easy and it works like magic. I hope you try it and send me feedback so we could talk about our journeys and the little cheats along the way. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Relax, (no need to bother with plenty grammar) I have summarized the diet for you in the bullet points below:


It is recommended that you drink 8–12 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated throughout the diet.

Although exercise is not required for weight loss on this diet, it is optional. Please note that the diet discourages exercise during the first three days.

Consider this as the guidelines for each day of the GM diet:

Day One

Eat only fruit — any kind except bananas. Lots of watermelon is advised
No maximum amount of fruit is specified. Eat as much as you like!

Day Two

Eat only vegetables in raw or cooked form.
The diet does not specify a maximum amount of vegetables.
Limit potatoes (sweet potatoes) to breakfast only. Also limit sweet corn and carrots in salads as well.

Day Three

Eat only fruits and vegetables (i.e a combination of day 1 and day2 foods) of any kind except bananas and potatoes. Eat in any quantity. But remember to achieve the 8-12 glasses of water recommended.

Day Four

Eat only bananas and milk.
You could eat up to 6 large or 8 small bananas.
Drink 3 glasses of milk, preferably skimmed or low fat

Day Five

Eat two 10-ounce (284-gram) portions of beef, chicken or fish.
In addition to the meat, you may only eat 5-6 whole tomatoes. (Suya and tomatoes could work well here)
Vegetarians may replace meat with either brown rice or cottage cheese.
Increase your water intake by two glasses to flush out extra uric acid. This is a chemical product of the breakdown of purines, which are found in meat.

Day Six

Eat only two 10-ounce (284-gram) portions of beef, chicken or fish.
Today’s meals may include an unlimited amount of vegetables, but no potatoes.
Vegetarians may replace meat with either brown rice or cottage cheese.
Increase your water intake by two glasses to flush out extra uric acid.

Day Seven

Eat only brown rice, fruits, fruit juice and vegetables.
No maximum amount is specified for any of these foods.

There you have it. Let me know how you feel on the seventh day. Let’s go there!!!

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