weight loss

How to Lose 6kg in One Week Guaranteed………Tried and Tested

Girls get in here. I usually no longer open pages that talk about crash ways of losing weight because I have tried and most of them have failed. Some just leave you feeling miserable along the way and most often times the weight totally comes back immediately you take a break. Not this one. So[...]

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elevator pitch

The Elevator Pitch

My professor in business school always said, ‘have an elevator pitch’. An ‘elevator pitch’ is basically your sales pitch summarized within the time it takes an elevator to get to its final destination from the ground floor (usually a minute or three). Why is this critical? Simply put, beyond selling your product, your elevator pitch[...]

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Revealed: The 21 Habits That Bring You Poverty.

How to Manage Habits That Make You Broke and Ultimately Poor. I’m sure you are curious to see why you are always broke despite all your efforts. You should also be curious to know why the politicians in your area get broke after leaving office. How did Muhammad Ali and mike Tyson end up broke??[...]

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Football is the most popular sport on the planet and it drips with riches. The Premier League is the most profitable in Europe. Sky Sport and BT Sport paid a total of £5.136 billion for the right to show Premier League matches on their channels for just three years from 2016 - 2019. But, even[...]

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self finance

Managing Personal Finance- Successful saving and budgeting

You don’t grow big to manage well, you manage well to grow big. As an entrepreneur, being able to effectively manage your personal finances is very crucial, most especially because it determines how the business would be managed. Being financially successful means you are in control, of your money instead of it controlling you. Your[...]

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monetize your talent

Monetizing Your Talent

To earn an income, either a salary or profit for your personal business you MUST exchange VALUE for MONEY So what is value? This is what is appreciated by the person who see it as relevant People value different things even to the extent that we may want the same things but at different times.[...]

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comfort zone

Escaping Ones Comfort Zone: The Birth of Wanbabablog

Escaping Ones Comfort Zone: The Birth of Wanbabablog Hi guys, so this is my first post for my brand new blog. I expect this to be the genesis of an exciting adventure. Well today had been envisioned for almost four years. Yes, really. As they say, comfort, procrastination, self-doubt and fear are the real destiny[...]

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